Who puts Splashdance together?

We do.

We love this weekend, we love making it happen, and we love working with each other.

Here's the team for 2022.

Volunteer sign-up and much more: AnneMarie Walter

AnneMarie does a bit of everything - Volunteer set up, taking checks to the bank, mostly making sure the English Country dance happens. Kind of a nag, actually. You can thank her later.

Registration: Greg Frock

Greg receives your registration forms and types them in; watches over our registration database, reminds you to send money if you haven't, ... just generally takes care of you until you arrive at camp. Contact Greg for additional information.

Sound counsel and Camping/RV Parking Elf: Robert Zieber

Robert is the behind-the-scenes backup for sound, parking, and logistics. He makes sure things flow smoothly, especially for arrival and departure, helps elfins make signs, and saves the day in many small but critical ways you'll never know, thanks to the fact that he's taking care of them. Contact Robert for information on camping and RV sites.

Awesome Caller Coordinator: Diane Silver

Callers: Diane organizes all of you who want to call a dance for us: setting up the schedule, making sure three people don't pick the same dance, offering advice - and maybe even calling a dance or two herself, who knows...

Musical Director: Laura Light

Laura knows all the musicians in seventeen states, and is such a pleasure to work with that most of them come here when she invites them. She also hosts and coaches the Asheville Community Band.

Workshop Schedule: Beth Harvey

Beth puts together the daytime workshop schedule and is a key contributor to the youth activities. She's also the Positivity Queen and keeps us all smiling and remembering why we do this. It's just more fun when you get to work with Beth.

Waltzes: Suzanne Hosch

Suzanne pulls together and schedules the fine crew of musicians for our delicious early morning and pre-dance waltzes. Splashdance is a larger and lovelier thing because of her.

If you want to play for these waltzes, contact Suzanne: she puts together a book of tunes for you.

Fun: Charley Harvey

Charley instigated the Air Mattress Derby several years ago and it has become a tradition. We anticipate another year of crazy antics at the waterfront on Saturday afternoon.

Tech Geek: David Rose

Supporting all things online.

Cabin Assignments: Lacy Hagan

Lacy actually reads and considers your comments and requests on the registration form, and gives you a better cabin than you would have picked yourself. Lacy's also the one who brings in lunch for the setup team Friday afternoon.

Parking Wizard: David Scheim

David is leading a group that will get you unloaded and your vehicle safely parked so you can start dancing and enjoy the weekend!

Sound: John Snyder

You know him from The Historic Jonesborough Dance Society as Soundman Extraordinaire over the past 12 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, banjo, fiddle, piano, pedal steel, and many other instruments. He has worked in the sound industry for many years working with artists like Maroon 5, 38 Special, Foghat, Billy Strings, and many many others. He was the first sound Tech to work Rhythm and Roots Reunion in Bristol and has been on their roster for over 20 years working every festival. He still maintains a full teaching schedule teaching guitar, violin, and piano 5 days a week. He also keeps on the road playing with 4 different regional bands, as well as running sound whenever the opportunity arises. Welcome to Splashdance John!

Youth Activities: Leah Hyde

Leah works with your children while you dance: reads to them, lets them make banners for the kids' parade, and generally helps them play nice. It's a real nice scene in the kids' room with Leah. Come dance and don't worry about them for a while.