Details about Splashdance

When and where is it?

August 26-28, 2022 at Camp Ton-a-Wandah, 30 miles South of Asheville NC.

What's it all cost?

Adults with all the meals are $130. If you want to bring your own food and younger people, it's less.

How can it be that cheap?

You help!

It's an all-volunteer weekend. Everyone pitches in for a bit. It's a solid pleasure. You'll get a job assignment when you check in. But if you want to beat the crowd and get first pick of the jobs, sign up early here! (Look for "Sign up here" at the bottom of the page.)

What's the schedule like?

LAST YEAR's schedule, to give you a sense of what happens. The 2022 Schedule will be posted closer to the event date.

What's the camp like?

We do all this at Camp Ton-a-Wandah in Hendersonville, NC. It has a very good main dance floor, a second dance space, lots of parking and camping spaces, a dining hall built on the dam (it’s actually below water level, very cool!), and of course, a big lake with lots of paddleboards, kayaks and canoes for us, a fire circle for late-night singing, and more.

Getting there: GPS your way to 103 Lake Falls Rd., Hendersonville, NC, 29739. It's about 40 minutes South of Asheville.

Don't use the address on Camp Ton-a-wandah's website - it will take you to the wrong entrance.

Where do we sleep?

There are plenty of cabins (Men, Women, Family) — it’s first come first serve on bunk spaces (though if you ask to bunk with a certain group we’ll try and do that). Bring your own sheets (twin), blankets, towels, pillow. It might be chilly: bring a layer. It might be hot: bring a window fan if you can. It’s always dark at night: bring a flashlight.

Tent camping works too. Sadly, not right by the lake. Camp struggles with keeping that grassy space nice for weddings.

Want the same cabin you had last year? Here's the Camp map, to remind you.

For those looking for more luxurious accommodations, Hendersonville and Flat Rock are both very close.

If we sleep elsewhere, does it cost less?

Sorry, no. It's a flat fee for us to rent the camp, so we need you to chip in for that whether you stay on-site or not.

Are there showers?

There are two shower houses, one all-gender, one for Women and children (and we'll make it easier to find that one this year!) And all cabins have a bathroom and a sink where you can take a bird-bath.

And there's a lake, you know...

Again, there are more luxurious accommodations in Hendersonville and Flat Rock.

What's the food like?

In 2022, we have a fabulous new caterer, Gendo and Priscilla, who have worked at several local camps over the past years and also run a catering business Gendo's Bentos.

As in past years, Friday dinner is bring-your-own picnic, eat in the dining hall for sociability or wherever you want. Then the professionals with a staff of volunteers make Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast, and Lunch. Oh, and great snacks at the Friday and Saturday dance breaks. Five meals for $40, vegan and gluten-free options - just do it! Make your life easy!

Can I bring my children? What's it like for them?

Yes! They can dance Saturday morning, swim and play Saturday afternoon, and enjoy each other’s company with our professional youth activities coordinator, Leah Hyde. Camp has an outdoor playscape, a game room with books, ping-pong, air hockey and a library, and 300 people who play well with each other, as role models. Parents can also volunteer to help Leah out for an hour or two. (We give different jobs to non-parents.)

How do I get to call a dance or two?

Our Caller Coordinator is Diane Silver this year. She will be coordinating the calling in advance to provide a fluid and varied program for the dancers. So if you want to call, please email her a couple of weeks in advance of the weekend.

Who do I talk to about playing in the band?

Laura Light coordinates most of the music; contra-dance musicians please mail her if you have questions. But basically just show up Friday with your axe / wind-tube / poundy-thing, and we'll find some stage time for you. (Microphone optional.)

Suzanne Hosch manages the morning and pre-dance waltzes. Mail her for a set list and schedule.

Come play and jam with talented volunteer musicians from both our local dance community and far flung communities, including Paul Moore (Curious George), June Advincula, Lew Gelfond (Flying the Tune), Laura Light (Avant Gardeners), Bob Kirkman and many members of the Atlanta Open Band, and of course our own Asheville Open Band. Many more local and visiting musicians will be appearing! The music is always great.

There are additional opportunities to play at the other dances, (square, English and barn), waltzes, swing on the beach, late night blues and informal jams. Look here at some tunes we often play.

Can I bring my dogs / cats / horses / alligators?

No, sorry, camp has a no-pets policy. We're their guests and want to work happily with them.

(Service dogs are allowed, if they've been trained for your specific disability.)

Can I bring my canoe / kayak / sailboat / yacht?

No. The camp has lots of canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, free of charge, but they don't want yours mixed up with theirs.

Can I sleep in my RV?

Maybe. If it's bigger than a pickup truck, please contact us with information about your RV, trailer, or vehicle camper.

There are several possible sites available, but some would be difficult to access with large RVs or vehicles with low ground clearance. Locations are available on a first registered, first served basis.

What about COVID?

The pandemic is still with us, that's why we're requiring vaccinations. We'll be as safe as we can as we re-enter the social dancing scene that we've missed so much.

You will be asked to sign this waiver prior to receiving your wrist band.

COVID admission policy: At the admissions desk we will ask for proof of vaccination for everyone five and older. We do not require booster shots, though we do encourage them, and we welcome the wearing of COVID masks, but do not require them. We have no COVID restrictions for children under 5.

We know you care about the health and well-being of your fellow dancers, so please do not come if you feel unwell or if you have had a recent positive COVID test. We also ask that you take an at-home rapid test on the day of, or the day before, arrival. Free Tests from USPS

What's your safety policy?

It's here, and well-thought-out we think.  Your comments are welcome, though.

I have a different question.

Excellent! Ask us! We'll probably add it here.